Interactive Simulation of Real Corporate Change

Discover the complexity of corporate Change Management through an interactive, enjoyable online game. Journey through the various stages of change and explore your understanding, and the importance of managing the dynamics between different stakeholders, corporate events, behaviour requirements, change impacts and decision-making.

Realistic Business Case

The game is based on a realistic business case of a large-scale change management project and includes:

  • 30 change management scenarios and challenges
  • 42 educational videos
  • 8 Mini Knowledge Check Games
  • Score tracking
  • A final score report

User Licenses

  • One user licence per person
  • User licences are valid for 12 months (Terms and Conditions Apply)
  • Licenses can be purchased for any number of users
  • An administrator console for easy set up and tracking of a large number of users or managing users in multiple groups
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How Does the Change Game Work?

The game takes you on a journey through some of the typical challenges and activities of managing a large-scale change. Throughout the game, you will be presented with different scenarios that simulate typical events and choices that need to be made when managing large-scale change projects.

Your choices and decisions will determine how effectively you manage the change. Throughout the game, points will be awarded or deducted to measure your success in keeping the budget, timelines and stakeholder engagement on track. Learn as you progress through multiple scenario challenges, knowledge checks and videos.

The game offers flexibility in terms of playtime, allowing for either a single extended session lasting approximately 6 to 8 hours, or multiple shorter intervals that fit within your schedule. Your progress will be tracked and saved, allowing you to resume play at the point where you last left off upon your return.

Who Should Play The Game?

Any person or stakeholder that is involved in, or affected by a change, during the change management process in an organisation.

This includes:

  • Change management role players such as change managers, change champions and change agents.
  • Senior leaders and decision-makers in the change process.
  • Operational business unit managers involved in rolling out the change in their area of responsibility.
  • Subject matter experts and other specialised stakeholders.
  • The game also provides valuable insight to managers and leaders who are affected by constant change to understand their role as change leaders in an ongoing change environment.

License, Admin, and System Requirements

License and Administration:

  • One user license per person
  • User licenses are valid for 12 months
  • Licenses can be purchased for any number of users
  • Users can be setup in multiple teams and divisions through the Administrator Console
  • The Administrator Console enables you to set up an administrator and coordinators to manage license allocations and user progress for large groups

Key features include:

  • Appointment of an administrator to oversee the entire license utilisation and deadlines
  • Appointment of team coordinators to manage large numbers of teams in different business units
  • User uploads for registration (bulk uploads enabled)
  • Automated user communication emails and reminders
  • Setting completion deadlines
  • Tracking user progress
  • Progress dashboards
  • Final reports

System Requirements:

  • Suitable for all devices: PC, Mac, iPad and tablets (not recommended to play on cellular phones)
  • Stable internet connection of at least 5mbps